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VA Terraformer preorders + new teaser

Psy News - 9 Апрель, 2017 - 02:17
VA Terraformer (4CD) - compiled by DJ Adept

Amazing psychedelic video, preorders CD, uv-merch and more info:


Buy CD and get a free copies of the digital release
"The Mystery of Crystal Worlds" and 6 first tracks from "Terraformer"

Teaser: Framescape Studio
Cover Art: Andrey Pronin
Mastering: Tim Schuldt
Compiled by DJ Adept
Release data: 31 May 2017
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Faxi Nadu - Nhay Rong EP

Psy News - 7 Апрель, 2017 - 09:29


Grab it here:



Faxi Nadu - Nhay Rong EP and Producer Edition with track stems! OuT N0W at Bandcamp! Stream for free, album for 3e, producer edition 7e! Inspired by travels to #vietnam the album includes three tracks associated emotionaly with the experiences during that trip. From classy 90s style club/goa, through intensly psychedelic minimal techno to progressive beach day trance. Includes also a collaboration track with Nuno Muacho and HoodArt Art with album graphics also by HoodArt Art. The tracks make extensive use and showcase our own synthesizers and plugins developed by us through Ocean Swift Synthesis for the Sonic Core GmbH Scope platform!


1. Ha Long Sunset (Original Mix) 06:14

2. Bui Vien (Original Mix) 09:46 3. Faxi Nadu and Nomad Moon - An Ho (Message To Earth Remix) 09:56   All tracks written and produced by Yaron Eshkar  Track 3 in collaboration with Nuno Muacho, remixed by Fernando Abreu    Album art by: Fernando Abreu  Mastered by: Faxi Nadu
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Red Sun Rising - Four Different Walks ( Mamomam Records )

Psy News - 6 Апрель, 2017 - 19:54


Hi there !

Mamomam Records is proud to show you samples of upcoming release from Red Sun Rising - Four Different Walks ! 4 previously unreleased tracks in slavic vibes . Must check this out !

1. Silver Lake
2. Upon My return
3. Horizontal Landscape
4. Slavic Soul

To be released 9th of April on our bandcamp, itunes and other music stores. !
More info soon...

Stay Tuned !

Samples :

Listen on Soundcloud.com

credits :

Mamomam Records



Red Sun Rising



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K.O.B. - Identity Mash [Suntrip Rec.]

Psy News - 5 Апрель, 2017 - 11:56

Not much info yet, but we know it's coming:




And the cover from Jannis' Facebook:



Can't wait! 

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|ARCDA65| ALWOODS "Stardust" - CD and digital 24bits - Out Now

Psy News - 31 Март, 2017 - 15:38

Out now the new ALWOODS album "Stardust" !


Alwoods (John Rigas of Greece) is a man who needs no introduction. As an artist and DJ he makes no compromises when it’s time to rock the dance-floor, and is known as one of the ‘go-to’ artists for raising the vibration through perfect dance-floor friendly grooves.

After his universally acclaimed releases "Aeolian Mode" and "Long Life Forest”, Alwoods latest stellar tracks have been tested everywhere on planet for the last four years, as he’s toured relentlessly on the psytrance festival circuit..

His new album "Stardust" is a major release guaranteed to set dance-floors on fire this summer and create a new level of psychedelic experience for lovers of slow trance, mid-tempo and progressive chill. Alwoods fans are in for a treat as are those who will be discovering the man and his work for the very first time.

While on tour he discovered new production and composition techniques experimenting and collaborating with fellow musicians, and it really shows on this album. He’s also upgraded his studio gear along with his production skills, all for our listening pleasure. And the reactions have been off the charts for one simple reason: this is an exceptional album full of groovy signature Alwoods vibes not to be missed.

“Stardust” is presented in the form of a hero’s journey: exploring the outer reaches of space -with all the thrill of new discoveries- from light, to darkness, and back to light. It’s a journey you’ll want to take again and again, as it’s filled with revelations that are revealed with each new listen.

In classic Alwoods style, deep, trippy vibes connect the listener to the celestial spheres and a higher consciousness, while the driving beat keeps things very much dance-floor friendly, allowing for a unique and uplifting collective trance experience.

All songs are in the well known 4/4 Alwoods style with a fantastic use of digital and analog sounds, polished in the mastering lab of Altar Records by DJ Zen in 24bits pristine audio.

There are shimmering, atmospheric textures that combine with pulsing rhythms and solid drum programming, like the beating of a universal heart radiating purpose and luminescence. And the title track (‘Stardust’) is a mid-tempo groover featuring a snaky bass line, synth stabs, and dubbed out fx. It strikes an incredible balance between the original Goa Trance ethos and the newer Progressive Chill approach to production….a rich and rewarding experience that oscillates between edginess and resolution.

John's new album is for keeps and the culmination of his years of production and touring experience. Get some audio magic in the form of “Stardust” in your ears today and experience an inspiring gift from the stars!
released March 31, 2017

W&P by John Rigas @ Alwoods Studio, Greece
Except track #7 W&P with Alkiviadis Tektamelidis and Efstratios Kasapis
Biography: scvlptvre.com/altar/blog/2015/07/10/alwoods/

Mastering and cover by DJ Zen @ Altar


Live set extract: www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZbS8-Qywro

Youtube Full Mixed Album: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kek_xd_UFBo

BC: https://alwoods.bandcamp.com/album/stardust
YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kek_xd_UFBo
iTunes: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/.../stardust/id1213026498...
Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/alr/alr1cd065.html


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Album Release - Shunyata Records

Psy News - 28 Март, 2017 - 17:31
Shunyata Records is coming up with their 4th release and 3rd full length various artists album.

Album concept

Universes are separated from each other by a single quantum event. A theory of a self-contained separate reality co-existing with one's own. A specific group of parallel universes is called a "multiverse", although this term can also be used to describe the possible parallel universes that constitute reality. While the terms "parallel universe" and "alternative reality" are generally synonymous. There is sometimes an additional connotation implied with the term "alternative reality" that implies that the reality is a variant of our own. The term "parallel universe" is more general, without any connotations implying a relationship, or lack of relationship, with our own universe. A universe where the very laws of nature are different – for example, one in which there are no Laws of Motion – would in general count as a parallel universe but not an alternative reality and a concept between both fantasy world and earth.

Each and every track is getting crafted by keeping the core of the concept of the VA in the subconscious and at the same time maintaining the flow & importance of the subliminal messages encoded within!

''Sound is the only truth''

Shunyata Records is extremly happy to announce VA Source Replika. 25 track VA features brilliantly talented Artits from all around the world. VA Source Replika will be the third Compilation from Shunyata Records.

Release Date: 15th April
Format: High Quality Digital Download
Mastering: Skyhighatrist, Catawampus Records, UK
Compiled By: Shunyata Records


Music From
















Listen on Soundcloud.com



19 D.O.D







-Names are not in any specific order-


Art Work - Aashit Singh


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Hypnoxock - Eurythmia [Goa Madness Rec.]

Psy News - 27 Март, 2017 - 13:59

Hypnoxock is two guys, releasing goa trance for almost 10 years already, with 3 full-length albums under their belt ...of which I never heard of 


But this changed with the announcement of new CD to be released by Goa Madness Rec.


Info is pretty scarce at this moment, but the cover & samples look really promising:



Listen on Soundcloud.com


Listen on Soundcloud.com


Listen on Soundcloud.com


Listen on Soundcloud.com


Looking forward to it!

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V/A Hologram [Iboga Rec.]

Psy News - 27 Март, 2017 - 13:48


In celebration of 20 years of Iboga Records, we present our compilation 'HOLOGRAM', featuring over 40 tracks from our family of artists. With our belief in the ultimate power of music and breaking away from boundaries, the tracks on this compilation reflect that limitless love for music, and the beautiful harmony that derives from the various frequencies around us.



4xCD of music:






Listen on Soundcloud.com

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Take a dip with me ! Together In The Waves (MiKroMaKro new track)

Psy News - 26 Март, 2017 - 20:15
New Spring release...Progressive Psy Trance - 146 BPM Key G Sharp minor - Full dynamics psy
trance, densely arranged with a touch of wild energy !

Listen on Soundcloud.com

Free .wav for DJ's/Promo etc. contact mikromakropsy at gmail.com (at=@ nogaps)
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Psyfonic - Slight Contraction (Midiride remix)

Psy News - 26 Март, 2017 - 10:58
Good morning all, i made a new video to the second track from our last ep. Some impressions of our two gigs in Hamburg.
Bye Caroline from Midiride <3
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Hans Dunkelkammer - Post Factum EP (Pistolero Rec)

Psy News - 25 Март, 2017 - 23:19


  Hans Dunkelkammer - Post Factum EP by Pistolero Recordings   1.Hans Dunkelkammer - OM Dude 06:21 2.Hans Dunkelkammer & Chester SoSo - Weird Induction 06:43 3.Hans Dunkelkammer - 332 Future 07:22 4.Hans Dunkelkammer - Echnaton Blues 06:42   Label: Pistolero Recordings
Cat #: PISTOLERO.016
Format: FLAC
Released: March 2017
Style: Minimal / Psytech / Techno

Mastering: Robert Hundt @ Anti-Logic Studio (Berlin)
Artwork: Katarina Majic aka Wild Bronco

“Minimal psychedelics from Hans Dunkelkammer”.   www.soundcloud.com/hans-dunkelkammer   tags: electronic tech funk zenonesque breakbeat deeptech dub futuristic hans dunkelkammer minimal pistolero recordings psytech psytrance techno



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VA - Protodynamics (compiled by Mayix) - Pistolero Rec

Psy News - 25 Март, 2017 - 23:13


VA - Protodynamics (compiled by Mayix) by Pistolero Recordings


1.Psydewise - Dry Powder 05:29 2.Jnr Hacksaw - Electrodynamics 04:31 3.Uchu - Satin Relay 06:26 4.Baboden - Dub Wash 06:47 5.Baodub - Unity (Virus_st Remix) 06:39 6.Sensitrope - Sweet Movements 08:58 7.Digital Swamp - Prototype 06:36 8.AquariOhm - Snow Crystals 07:21 9.Axawaya & Lost In Orion - Marginals 05:57 10.KontrolPhrik - The Big Bang 07:14 11.M&J - Check This 03:57   Label: Pistolero Recordings
Cat #: PISTOLERO.015
Format: FLAC
Released: February 2017.
Style: Breakbeat / Psybreaks / Tech-Funk / Nuskool Breaks / Electro / Psystep / Psytech

Mastering: Robert Hundt @ Anti-Logic Mastering (Berlin)
Artwork: Digital Swamp

“First full length Pistolero Rec compilation (compiled by label boss Mayix) is eclectic journey through psychedelic breakbeat sounds and similar grooves.”



tags: electronic breakbeat dub electro nuskool breaks pistolero recordings psybreaks psystep psytech psytrance tech-funk techno
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Soluble Sounds - Move Your Blubber EP (Pistolero Rec)

Psy News - 25 Март, 2017 - 23:04


Soluble Sounds - Move Your Blubber EP by Pistolero Recordings


1.Soluble Sounds - Move Your Blubber 07:27 2.Soluble Sounds & Sourone - Squanch It (Soluble Sounds Version) 11:49   Label: Pistolero Recordings
Cat #: PISTOLERO.014
Format: FLAC
Released: January 2017
Style: Psyprog / Tech-Funk / Psytech

Mastering: Merv Pepler (Eat Static) at LabUFO studio
Artwork: Katarina Majic aka Wild Bronco

“Psychedelic groove salad from Soluble Sounds”.

www.soundcloud.com/solublesounds   tags: electronic breakbeat futuristic minimal psy pistolero recordings psybreaks psyprog psytech psytrance soluble sounds sourone tech-funk techno
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CODEX 01000011 01001111 01000100 01000101 01011000 [GoaPsyRecords]

Psy News - 24 Март, 2017 - 16:31



Psytrack on Goapsyrecords label.




Best regards.

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CODEX First Track on GoaPsyRecords Label

Psy News - 24 Март, 2017 - 16:20



Discover my first track on bandcamp:




Thanks for support.

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Loom / The Architect's Tunes EP

Psy News - 22 Март, 2017 - 14:45


"The Architect's Tunes" is the story of a shaman that is fighting with himself for reaching freedom and his highest expression, as soul and consciousness, through the adventure of life.
This EP is a forest and groovy trip into the head of the shaman, that starts with the moans of his own thoughts and his sudden fall into a kind of mystical state that allows him to understand what he really is.. Then we get to the final part of this trip. The shaman is ready and he starts to move and create his own reality into the wind ("Nyiol" in the native american language means wind) of existence!

Artist: Loom
Title: The Architect's Tunes EP
Label: Forestdelic records
Format: Digital
Release date: 06.04.2017.
Cover art: Tijana Šušnica
Mastering: Ognen Zafirovski [Yudhisthira]


1. Loom - Speaking Stems
2. Loom - The Architect
3. Loom - Nyiol



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MIDIRIDE - Fourth Density

Psy News - 19 Март, 2017 - 11:25
Enjoy our latest song with clips and fotos from our Indonesia tour. Cinema time Bye Caroline from Midiride
MIDIRIDE - Fourth Density

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ShifterSenses ᴎᴎ (DJ Set) (PsyTrance)

Psy News - 17 Март, 2017 - 20:32

Little treat to start the weekend #ShifterSenses ᴎᴎ (DJ Set) (PsyTrance)

www.soundcloud.com/shiftersensesdj/shifter-senses <=Press Play





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Maiia – Shining Dragon (Mystic Sound Records, 2017)

Psy News - 17 Март, 2017 - 19:29

Mystic Sound Records is proud to present the full-length album Maiia – Shining Dragon.




01. Tale About The Shining Dragon
02. Princess From The North
03. Natural Energy (Album Mix)
04. Maiia303 – Electric Particles (Maiia Goachill Remix)
05. Microcosmos (Instrumental Mix)
06. Fusion Age (Album Mix)
07. Eastern Saloon
08. Strawberry Lassy (Album Mix)
09. The Great Bear (Album Mix)
10. Kurbeats – Phony Pony (Maiia Remix)


Release info:

Mystic Sound Records is proud to present the full-length album Maiia – Shining Dragon. Maiia is a project of Alla Vagner founded in Moscow in 2006. Maiia is Alla Vagner’s project founded in Moscow in 2006.
The music of the album combines motives of ancient ethnic instruments with modern electronic and reflects the author’s admiration of the beauty of this world. Besides the electronic beats and sounds of the analog synth some tracks of this album include record samples of the homus and throat singing by Eugene Krasnov and the bass guitar of Helen Bass. The album was created during several years and was tested on different scales of dancefloors in many places of the Universe during this time.
Maiia – Shining Dragon consists of 10 tracks and stylistically is an explosive mixture of psybreaks, psychill and psydub, it includes fabulous notes which open portals into the world of mystical creatures.





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Animato - Harmonize [HOMmega]

Psy News - 17 Март, 2017 - 15:42

Seems like HOMmega is catching up wind again after releasing Astrix' and Infected Mushroom's albums recently and is about to put out another interesting artist:

Patrick Chen (formerly known as PTX) has reinvented himself as ‘Animato’, with a new style bordering on the delicate meeting point of modern Progressive Psy Trance.


The new project was a natural step, as with all the years of traveling the globe to countless festivals, he was given firsthand experience to have his way on the worldwide psychedelic dance-floor. After few years of constant hard work in the studio and world wide shows on the biggest stages such as Boom Festival, Burning Man, Dreamstate, Psy Fi and many more, he summarised his long journey in the fields of consciousness with a masterpiece debut album called ‘Harmonize’ with guest appearances by Liquid Soul, Freedom Fighters, Ritmo, Perfect Stranger, Ticon and Sonic Species.


We at HOMmega refer to this work of art as 'Animato’s book of memories'.


As you dive deeper into the hypnotic sounds of this album you can feel the spiritual experiences and the blend of styles that were collected from different places in the world.


Full album available to listen:


Listen on Soundcloud.com

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