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Zone Tempest - Contamination (Higher Recordings) OUT NOW

Psy News - 5 Февраль, 2017 - 02:28

Hey there... My newest release is out now on beatport..

Zone Tempest - Contamination (Higher Recordings)


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Saiko Disco-Focus Rites(alternative facts mix)

Psy News - 30 Январь, 2017 - 12:08
check new track
[url] Listen on Soundcloud.com[url]
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Sourone - Virtual Normality EP (Pistolero Rec)

Psy News - 28 Январь, 2017 - 21:40


Sourone - Virtual Normality EP by Pistolero Recordings


1.Sourone - Virtual Normality 2.Sourone - Domesticated Delusions   Label: Pistolero Recordings
Cat #: PISTOLERO.013
Format: FLAC
Released: January 2017
Style: Minimal / Techno / Psytech

Mastering: Merv Pepler (Eat Static) at LabUFO studio
Artwork: Katarina Majic aka Wild Bronco

“Minimal/Psytech drive from Sourone”.

www.soundcloud.com/sourone   released January 16, 2017   tags: electronic zenonesque deeptech futuristic minimal minimal techno pistolero recordings psytech psytechno sourone



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Baodub - Pressure Discharge EP (Pistolero Rec)

Psy News - 28 Январь, 2017 - 21:37


Baodub - Pressure Discharge EP by Pistolero Recordings


1.Baodub - Certain Mysteries 2.Baodub - Pressure Discharge 3.Baodub - Unity 4.Baodub - Wicked Way   Label: Pistolero Recordings
Cat #: PISTOLERO.012
Format: FLAC
Released: November 2016
Style: Dub / Psydub

Mastering: Merv Pepler (Eat Static) at LabUFO studio
Artwork: Katarina Majic aka Wild Bronco

“Dubby vibes with psychedelic touch”.   released November 19, 2016



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Ekorce - Biosphere EP (Pistolero Rec)

Psy News - 28 Январь, 2017 - 21:33


Ekorce - Biosphere EP by Pistolero Recordings


1.Ekorce - Drowning In Vibrations 2.Ekorce - Biosphere's Breath 3.Ekorce - Level Of Reality   Label: Pistolero Recordings
Cat #: PISTOLERO.011
Format: FLAC
Released: October 2016
Style: Breakbeat / Downtempo / Psybreaks / Tech-Funk

Mastering: Merv Pepler (Eat Static) at LabUFO studio
Artwork: Katarina Majic aka Wild Bronco

“Breakbeat stuff from 120 to 150 BPMs from french producer Ekorce”.



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Hydrosplifix - Nemesis EP (Pistolero Rec)

Psy News - 28 Январь, 2017 - 21:30


Hydrosplifix - Nemesis EP by Pistolero Recordings


1.Hydrosplifix - Nemesis 2.Hydrosplifix - Psilosynthetix   Label: Pistolero Recordings
Cat #: PISTOLERO.010
Format: FLAC
Released: October 2016
Style: Psygressive / Psytrance

Mastering: Merv Pepler (Eat Static) at LabUFO studio
Artwork: Katarina Majic aka Wild Bronco

“Psygressive/Psytrance grooves from South African producer Hydrosplifix”.   released October 2, 2016



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|ARCDA64| Abiogenesis "Biosynthesis" - CD and digital 24/48Khz Out Now

Psy News - 27 Январь, 2017 - 17:13

Altar Records presents “Biosynthesis”, by Abiogenesis.

Abiogenesis: the natural process by which life arises…

Calling all lovers of deep, cosmic, tripped out ambient and downtempo…Altar Records is proud to present “Biosynthesis” -the highly anticipated and latest album by CJ Catalizer (aka Dmitriy Neschadim).

Hailing from Moscow, Dmitriy is known for his transcendental musical vision and devoted fan base…and with good reason: he’s been on the receiving end of glowing reviews in the international Psy Ambient scene since he first set out to create his unique brand of sonic psychedelia several years ago.

This time out, he’s changing things up with a new artist name: Abiogenesis - a process which describes the origin of life on this planet some 4 billion years ago…and (drum roll) “…in the beginning, there was sound….!”

And what a sound we’re treated to on his latest studio adventure, as Abiogenesis makes good use of his trademark soaring, hypnotic arpeggios that feature silky smooth glassy sounds contrasted with more acidic lines that interweave in perfect harmonic bliss.
These are long, dreamy, yet engaging ambient and downtempo tracks where the melody and mood are the deciding factors and drive things along nicely, finely tuned to the visionary worlds of the ‘third eye’.

Complemented by subtle use of female chants that give things a human and epic touch, along with pertinent chord changes, a tight, bouncy kick, heavenly pads, and big washes of sound that drift off into infinity, “Biosynthesis” is a masterful album and a true sonic delight that unfolds in the most patient, and yet powerful way imaginable.
Abiogenesis has once again managed -in expert fashion- to create a flawless tapestry, easing the listener into new sonic horizons that will delight for years to come. In short, this is audio nirvana for your daily mana.

Featuring outstanding and crystalline sound presented in 24bits / 48.000Hz, Dmitriy Neschadim’s third full length album was mastered by none other than fellow psy ambient alchemist Dimitriy Redko (@ Astropilot Studio).

The buzz on the streets is that “Biosynthesis” is set to be released at large on January 27th, 2017, so mark your calendars, and get ready to take part in this most epic and ambient musical journey that’s guaranteed to bring you back to your roots and set your spirit free!

Out now!: https://cjcatalizer.bandcamp.com/album/biosynthesis-24bits-48khz

Full Altar January 2017 newsletter: http://ymlp.com/zGh9Ot

Enjoy the full mixed album in HD TV on Youtube now if you like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcPCA8rziHQ

released January 27, 2017

All tracks W&P by Dmitriy Neschadim, Aka CJ Catalizer, Russia

Mastered by Dimitriy Redko at AstroPilot Studio, Ukraine

Layout / photo manipulations by DJ Zen, Canada

Single track previously released by Abiogenesis:

For those who want to down-sample easily and for free the 24bits digital album, we recommend r8brain : www.voxengo.com/product/r8brain.

If you want to keep your metadata tags we recommend XLD for Mac ( www.macupdate.com/app/mac/23430/x-lossless-decoder ) or xrecode for Win ( xrecode.com )

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Bonnie and Clyde (Atyss vs Yurika) - Legacy EP - OUT NOW !

Psy News - 23 Январь, 2017 - 18:56
Bonnie and Clyde (Atyss vs Yurika) - Legacy EP - OUT NOW !!!

Bonnie and Clyde ( ATYSS vs YURIKA ) - Legacy - EP
Grab your copy here

Legacy... what is it?
It's the latest offering from production duet Bonnie & Clyde « Atyss vs Yurika », an atmospheric morning shaker which despite its upbeat tempo, has a sort of hypnotic throbbing effect, engaging the dancefloor with its deep and uncompromising sound.

Haunting pads, metallic riffs, and heavy snares all seem to weave together into a smooth full-on growler which proves very effective during those wee morning hours.
So close your eyes, and prepare to lose yourself once again into sound in motion...

Listen to the preview here :
Listen on Soundcloud.com

Artist info :



Catalog: SMRdigiEP019

Mastering by 7Art Studio production
Cover by Rusty PsyflyArt

Release :
Exclusive on Beatport : January 23rd 2017
Official release : February 6th 2017

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Psybient.org news – 2016 (psybient / psychill / chillout new releases)

Psy News - 23 Январь, 2017 - 04:28
Antandra - Akasha [Self Released] {Psybass Psystep}
Dense - Splendensity Vol. 2 [Cosmicleaf Records] {Chillgressive}
Emetic - Abstraction [Triple Drop Productions] {Psybass Psystep}
Germind - Industrial Vibrations [Plexus Music] {Psybient Psychill}
Grouch - Grouch Archive - Dubby, Glitchy, Steppy Part 1 [Self Released] {Psybass Psystep}
Grouch - Grouch Archive - Dubby, Glitchy, Steppy Part 2 [Self Released] {Psybass Psystep}
HAUA - Daria [Aera Records] {Psybient Psychill}
Hideyo Blackmoon - Music For The Inner Journey [Self Released] {Ambient}
Jaja - Sparkles [Cyan Music] {Ambient}
Lars Leonhard - Orange Dawn [Self Released] {Ambient}
Mauxuam - Weltangshaung - Collection One [Disposable.Audio] {Ambient}
Mind Transport Tools - Astral Bridge [Spiralight] {Psybient Psychill}
Quanta - Elements [Shanti Planti] {Psybass Psystep}
Sibling - Conspiracy EP [Mycelium Music] {Psybient Psychill}
Smooth Genestar - Hands On [Cyan Music] {Downtempo}
Various Artists - Global Glitch Vol. 2 [Street Ritual] {Psybass Psystep}
Various Artists - Nomad Ambient Vol. 2 [Nomad Bar] {Psybient Psychill}
Yarn - Cryptic Entity [Blue Tunes Chillout] {Chillgressive}
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Suntrip Updates

Psy News - 20 Январь, 2017 - 00:49

So, time for a new topic, the old one is far gone and way too many pages So... 2 things first of all... A lot of new music available at SUPER cheap prices! (look below) but first, the other news:

Music News
Good news! After an amazing 2016 with (too ?) many releases, we are ready for 2017!   We are now finalising the first album of 2017, a limited ambient release of Mindsphere (part 2 of his trilogy). After this we will work on a compilation and Filteria's more acidic/less melodic side project KOB  Also SUNCD50 is in the pipeline... and of course, the Astral Projection (Official).EP   but as usual, we take our time! Also, Celestial Intlligence is producing a second album, just as Cosmic Dimension... and of course, Morphic Resonance as well! Moeha  l


DNA of Zion604 is now available, AND the new Retrofuturism as well... and except of that, It's happening! Suntrip Records sales!   You can now buy the Suntrip CD-releases for a SUPER low price   all our packs have -20% on their already lowered totals!   Don't wait too long... only available till the end of january! Happy shopping 



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