Dark Prisma Records (Arghentina)

Prisma Records is born out of the need to explore the void, the abyss,
the process of chaos and cosmos binding together. We wish to act as a
haven for the psychedelic explorers who materialize their experiences
into sound. It is not about darkness or light, its about the space that
exists beyond our conception of duality, and the possibility of using
music as the door for this dimension.
We seek to transform ourselves and the
world around us by punching holes into another dimensions and pouring
them over our planet. Through music and technology we will face our
fears and demons, we will surf the abyss, and keep on exploring this
self-conscious, self-transforming alien-machine we call Universe.
We will
release music for the night time, for the dark hours, for the moments
of shivering and trembling wondering if the sun will ever come up
again. Fast beats, high pitched sounds, psychedelic landscapes, dancing
like demons, purifying our soulds and minds, connecting us to all kinds
of entities and realities. This is our goal, to enhance music as a tool
to explore the other side, to see what is it like behind the

Based in Argentina, we will focus on, but not be limited to, the
productions of Latin America, offering a new perspective of whats
psychedelic to the rest of this molecular revolution we called the
Psychedelic Trance scene. We are lucky to be part of this movement and
we will honor it by offering mind-warping tools in an audible format.

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