Inpsyde Media Recordings (Italy)


Inpsyde Media label has been founded in middle 2001 with the precise intent
to support the growing potentiality of newcomer Electronic Trance artists
around the globe.
Due to the increasing request of quality Trance music, Inpsyde Media is
recording, producing and releasing music company and our goal is to release
only the most interesting  and quality artists of the time.

Mighty Quinn Records (Japan)

Mighty Quinn Records was born in Tokyo in 2006. The label was formed by
two good friends Niki from Russia and Toshi from Japan, and is based in
Tokyo. Niki and Toshi for many years were researching, listening and
developing a private and very unique choice of sounds. With the
knowledge they had acquired about DJ’ing and tremendous amount of
different music styles, The partners decided quickly to keep it simple
and Mighty Quinn Records was developed and created out of our respect
for music and the people who make it. Our main goal is and will be to

Phreex Network Records (Japan)

Sonic Chakras Records (Russia)

Vantara Vichitra Records (India)

Real Vision Music (Germany)

Real Vision Music is a psytrance label was founded in april 2009 by Phil & Rami.
Based in North Germany Real Vision Music has the intention to offer a
base for artists share the same connection to what we love so much:
Music that move our hearts, touch our souls and produced on a high level.
The Idea behind the Label is to support already established artists as
well as newcomers who touched our braincells with extraordinaries in the psychedelic
trance scene in the past and in the future certainly too.

Ultimae Records (France)

Zaikadelic Records (Israel)

Trishula Records (Netherlands)

Dark Prisma Records (Arghentina)

Prisma Records is born out of the need to explore the void, the abyss,
the process of chaos and cosmos binding together. We wish to act as a
haven for the psychedelic explorers who materialize their experiences
into sound. It is not about darkness or light, its about the space that
exists beyond our conception of duality, and the possibility of using
music as the door for this dimension.
We seek to transform ourselves and the
world around us by punching holes into another dimensions and pouring
them over our planet. Through music and technology we will face our

Resonant Earth (Sweden)

Devils Mind Records (Sweden)

We strive to promote our collective of musicians, DJs, designers and engineers.
Previously, while in the process of promoting the collective, we
were fortunate enough to be in a position where we could donate our
revenues to charity organisations that work towards making the world a
better place. The music industry has changed, however, and with
dropping revenues from traditional means of music distribution, the
rules of the game has changed.

Moon Koradji Records (Ukraine)

Lost Theory Records (Belgium)

Insomnia Records (Russia)

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