Devils Mind Records (Sweden)

We strive to promote our collective of musicians, DJs, designers and engineers.
Previously, while in the process of promoting the collective, we
were fortunate enough to be in a position where we could donate our
revenues to charity organisations that work towards making the world a
better place. The music industry has changed, however, and with
dropping revenues from traditional means of music distribution, the
rules of the game has changed.
The charity aspect is still important in our work, yet now it is
more often mirrored in the work we do aside from releasing music, such
as throwing fund-raiser parties. For example, we hosted a fund-raising
event in Antwerp following the Haiti earthquake of 2010.01.12, and we
did a fund-raiser in Vienna in support of cancer research.
The name, Devils Mind Records, alludes to what could be seen as a
paradox, devils engaging in social entrepreneurship, donating revenues
to charity. Thus, the name symbolises the on-going struggle between
dark and light, night and day, the interaction between yin and yang, a
process which at its core is intrinsic to nature and life.

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