Inpsyde Media Recordings (Italy)


Inpsyde Media label has been founded in middle 2001 with the precise intent
to support the growing potentiality of newcomer Electronic Trance artists
around the globe.
Due to the increasing request of quality Trance music, Inpsyde Media is
recording, producing and releasing music company and our goal is to release
only the most interesting  and quality artists of the time.
Our lifelong music passion and great experience in music business supported
us in creating this new project
In order to offer the best service and platform for the Trance music
Movement Worldwide.
We are always looking for new material for international top compilations
and albums. Our world and music vision have no limits and we definitively
want to push the existing music parameters into wider dimensions.
Inpsyde Media believes in quality and not quantity, for this reason just few
releases per year have been released, but all of them have left a deep mark
in the psychedelic trance movement.

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