Vantara Vichitra Records (India)

Vantara Vichitra Records
is a service of the
audio to your body, and mind; elaborately designed to cater to all your
needs of existential greed – nutritive, spatial, conscious, and
imaginative. We are a unified attempt to contribute to the world of
psychedelic music through a balance of impeccably crafted soundscapes
with unending narratives for your thought, filled with infinite
mysterious dimensions. The only thing we cannot give you however, is
ideology, ‘cause that’s got to be your own vehicle into the paradigms
we create.
We aim to hybridise some of the best sonic soldiers from all over
this chaotic sphere along with their potent weapons of ego-destruction
into a spectral variety of mental voyages that you can travel through
on your own ideology to create integrated experiences of the body and
the spirit. Call us somewhat strange, but we’re into experiments
involving the cosmic dance and we support the phenomenon of alternative

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