Гаральд рос в семье музыкантов, и еще с детских времен серьезно интересовался музыкой, в конце концов друзья познакомили его с трансом,

и спустя какое-то время Гаральд начал делать свою музыку.

Odr is Harald Nielsen, born in 1986 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Raised in a family full of musicians and artists he quickly developed a taste of his own from a steady foundation consisting of a virile mix of hard core jazz, Bob Dylan and the Beatles and some other stuff based on that principle. In his early teens he developed a mild aversion towards electronic based music, mainly because of the Eighties. Later that developed into a love for synthesizers, and pretty much any instrument he could get his hands on. Mainly focused on jazz and generally Sixties and Seventies, he was introduced to psychedelic trance by Matthijs and Sandro a few years back, of which the fruits are still being discovered, experienced and enjoyed with much pleasure, for years to come. From "Óðr", which is synonymous with mad, frantic mind and poetry in Old Norse, you can expect a audible message which can be described as a weird bobbling puddle of mystery, hidden beneath a dark eerie shroud cast by luscious not-of-this-world plants, growing in the ruins of a desolated pharmaceutical factory, settled deep in the jungle of a idyllic, far away paradise.

Treetrolla Records
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