Енс Эрикксон широко известен мировому транс сообществу благодаря участии в проекте Derango вместе с другом-однофамильцем Олой Эрикксоном, однако здесь представлена сама сущность Енса, проект Purosurpo.

Purosurpo , this name has been said thousand times on one hundred languages of the world, and it is not casual. The project is famous for the experimental sounding and not ordinary receptions and new concepts applied in music. Purosurpo is solo project created by Jens Erikkson, outstanding electronic musician based in Malmo, Sweden, well-known to the world community in many respects thanks to legendary Derango created by him together with Ola Erikkson. Also Jens take active participation in life of Sanaton Records and Hallucinogenic Horses and other bands. 

Purosurpo gives to Jens the chance freely and in full volume to express his creative ideas. His "firm" basslines and unique designs of tracks transfer the listener to the world of organic bubbles and shamanism, and a kaleidoscope from multilayered stories flowing each other throughout a track does music especially interesting. A reference point from project creation is considered to be 2002 when on Stoneage Records under name Puro was released first track. During existence the project was issued on Stoneage, Sanaton, Yggdrasil, Devils Mind and more. Now cooking many tasty things for future :)

Review by Treetrolla Crew

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