VA Brama Druga

VA Brama Druga
This chillout mix was introduced at "ForRest Space" open air party
on 12 May 2007 by Alienatix  (Kyiv, Ukraine). It was morning time
with arising sun and fresh forest air. People were impressed by
comprehensive atmosphere of joy and happiness. The destiny of this
mix was to keep the energy and give a new feeling of  ourselves.
Almost all tracks breathe with positive and gladness. Sometimes,
mix get faster to bring new passion for the dancers.

Alienatix started as dj at 2002. From that time had many gigs in
mostly all psytrance epicenters of Ukraine. In 2006 he was invited
to play in Krakow (Poland) and Riga (Latvia) at "Klusa Daba"
ambient music festival.  He also is well-known psy and ambient
party organizer. The most dimensioned project he carries so far is
international psytrance music festival "Sky Gravity", which was
founded in 2005 at the bank of Black Sea (Crimea, Ukraine)

Feedback and questions: alienatixatpsyshine [dot] org [dot] ua
This release is non-commercial and definitely NOT for sale. Enjoy
this mix,  buy audio CDs from the artists - support the scene!
01. Harax - Glefa
02. Guardner - Short Stories
03. Phobosphere - Aelita
04. Deluxe Sound Chillout - My Love Without You
05. Sacred Symbols Of Mu - More Than Anything
06. Patenbrigade - Demokratischer Sektor
07. Achillea - El Alma Heriga
08. Deluxe Sound Chillout - New Moon
09. Patenbrigade - Zusalzfunktion
10. The Prodigy - 3 Kilos
11. Full Moon Fashions - Happy Shades
12. U-Ziq - Ease Up/wergle The Proud
13. Mystical Sun - 7 Generations
14. Atriohm - Furia
15. Secede - Friday
16. Patenbrigade - Dampflegd
17. Achillea - Amor (Part II)
18. Last Step - Lives With Angel
19. Mystical Sun - Cloudbrusting
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